Dune Neo Pearl +
Get down to basics !

The new Dune Néo Pearl+ straightener combines a clean line with total professional expertise for perfecting your styles. The plates are covered with nano ceramic pearl tourmaline for a smooth and effortless glide. The result is hair that’s shiny and soft, without frizz.

Suspension-mounted plates let you mix styling techniques while minimizing pressure on the hair. Constant, ultra-rapid temperature rise thanks to the MCH ceramic heating elements for an optimal result on the hair. With the choice of 2 plate sizes, Dune Neo Pearl+ saves you indispensable styling time. The slim version, for working with fine, short to mid-length hair or the medium version for long or thick hair and for keratin treatments.

Your ideal partner for straightening or finishing a cut on curly or wavy hair in just minutes, this is the indispensable tool for getting down to basics.